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Wild Hunting in Romania

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Wild Hunting in Romania

1000€+Trophy Fee

Pheasant Hunt in Romania - South Dakota of Europe

Most of the pheasants hunting in Romania is combine with partridge and european hare hunting as those birds usually share the same habitat. A normal day will start around 8 o'clock in the morning with a great breakfast. After a short drive of 20 minutes you will reach the pheasants hunting grounds.

Wild Boar Hunting in Romania

A great hunting offer for wild boar hunting in Romania. You will be hunting in some of the most beautiful plain areas Europe has to offer. Stalking (only male) and high seat hunt can be organized all year round. Very nice males (200-350 kg) with nice tusks can be found on the area. 

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Perfect organized hunt with professional guides ! Top Recommendation


The Quality of game is exceptional, the lodging / food is great, staff friendly and helpful, their equipment are in good condition and finally the management is experienced and professional.  If I would go back to Romania again, it will be with this team.