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- Package All Inclusive; Goose, Duck, Quail , Pigeons, Pheasant, Partridge, Lark, Starling, Fieldfare, WOODCOCK and Europenean Hare



Hunting in Romania


Romania has a long history of hunting and remains a remarkable hunting destination, drawing many hunters because of its large numbers of brown bears, wolves, wild boars, red stag, roe deer, and chamois. The concentration of brown bears (Ursus arctos) in the Carpathian Mountains of central Romania is largest in the world and contains half of all Europe's population, except Russia.


Big Game Hunting

- Bear Hunting

- Stag Hunting

- Wild Boar Hunting

- Chamois Hunting

- Fallow Deer Hunting

- Roe Deer Hunting

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Terms & Conditions



Travel formalities

  • American and Canadian citizens as well as citizens of Australia, New Zealand and European countries do not need an entry visa to visit Romania (for stays up to 90 – ninety – days).

  • However, a valid passport is required for all international visitors except for citizens of the countries of the European Union who can enter Romania with their Identity Card.

  • No vaccinations are required/ necessary.

  • There is no Entry or Departure Tax.

  • Extensions of stays beyond 90 days can be obtained from the local passport office.

  • Citizens of other countries should check the visa regulations that apply to them with the nearest Romanian diplomatic office.

Booking & Payment

  • The Booking is made by paying in advance 50% of the estimated value of the hunt and of the services ordered ( eg. hunting permits documents or trophy), with at least 30 days before the date of the Hunting.

  • Balance of package price to be paid before departure from Romania.

  • Trophy fees for animals taken on top of the booked package to be paid in cash or by credit card at the end of the Hunting before departure.

  • Payment of deposit and balance invoice by money transfer into the following account :AVPS C&S HUNTING Order Cancellation over 15 days, leads to retention by the Service Provider of 50 % of the Booking Fee, and under 15 days, leads to fully retain of the Booking Fee.

  • In case of proven force majeure (storm, fog, floods, unforeseeable and insurmountable events), the parties shall be released from its confirmed obligations, without penalty.

  • The costs for Hunting Permits or Trophy cannot be returned unless with the consent of the Hunting Association issuing, under the conditions imposed by it.


In order to organize the hunting experience you requested, in the best possible conditions, please send your reservation requests at least 30 days in advance for invitation! Required data:

  • The period you intend to come to Romania (first day and duration)

  • The full names of the participants

  • The number of hunting days, and the type of the hunt (individual / driven)

At the same time, please send us the following personal data for all the participants, as these data might be necessary:

  • Passport number

  • Shotguns (with pellets) – maximum 100 cartridges for each gun

  • Copy of the hunting license

  • The maker and the serial number of your own firearm (if you intend to bring it with you)

Firearms and Ammunition

Having all these information and documents, we will arrange all legal proceedings for entering Romania without or along with your own firearms and ammunition. According to Romanian legislation, you may enter in Romania with at the most 2 weapons and relevant ammunition, as follows:

  • Rifled weapon (carabine) – maximum 50 cartridges for each gun

  • Shotguns (with pellets) – maximum 100 cartridges for each gun

  • The whole ammunition should be carried in special, closed boxes, separated from the weapon case!

  • Transportation of ammunition in the main luggage is not permitted!


If you wish to come to Romania with your own hunting dog, you should mandatorily have with you the international health certificate, the anti-rabies vaccination performed at least 1 month prior to your arrival to Romania. A special dog kennel is required for the air transportation. Translation of documents is not needed if they are in English, French or German.


No immunizations or unusual health precautions are necessary. Romania has no infectious risks and there are no poisonous insects. There is no malaria in Romania. During the summer months there are mosquitoes in the Danube Delta and some low-lying regions. For your comfort take some mosquito repellent when traveling during summer season. Tap water is safe to drink but if you are in doubt buy bottled water. Romania is home to more that 1/3 of the natural mineral springs in Europe. Bottled water is inexpensive and widely available. Some Romanian bottled water is rated the best in the world for purity and taste and is exported to many foreign countries. Naturally, we hope that you will never need to use any medical facilities. However, Romania has good medical facilities and Romanian doctors are known for their high standard of medical education.

Medical Insurance

All foreign hunters participating in Romania for hunting organized by us must have International Medical Insurance Covering Hunting Accident (preferably made in the home country, valid throughout the hunting parties) or we can help you to choose from Romania one of insurance companies.

Veterinary Analysis

Meat from game hunting will be subjected to veterinary analysis, in the end is guaranteed and secured by Veterinary Certificate.


Hunters arrived in Romania will be picked up from the airport or predetermined meeting points (if they come by own car) and we will ensure them during their entire hunting parties all transportation with our own cars:

  • Bus or minibus for hunter groups (Airport transfers)

  • SUVs (4×4 / equipped off-road) + driver

  • Hunting Boats, speed boats + boatman for water transportation

  • In some cases we can provide transportation with helicopters


We offer accommodation options depending on the hunting area, hunters demands and availability, in hotels, motels, guesthouses or cottages, we are collaborating with all for confidence regarding the quality of the services offered.

Filming / Photography

We can assure to our hunters participants during and after hunting parties, filming HD and photography, unforgettable memories with the game and wild hunting in Romania.


Electrical current is 220 V; 50 cycles.Outlets take plugs with two round prongs. A plug & power adapter is necessary for most appliances requiring 110 V.

Emergency Contacts

  • General emergency phone number: 112

  • Embassy of USA (0040-21) 210 40 42

  • Embassy of Canada (0040-21) 222 98 45

  • Embassy of the United Kingdom (0040-21) 312 03 03

  • Embassy of Australia (0040-21) 320 98 02

  • Embassy of France (0040-21) 303.10.00

  • Embassy of Germany (0040-21) 202.98.30

  • Embassy of Italy (0040-21)305.21.00

  • Embassy of Spain (0040-21) 318.10.80

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