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Wild Boar

1000€+Trophy Fee


The price includes:

  • 3 day guided hunting
  • 4 night accommodation
  • Assistance throughout the hunting
  • Planning a hunting ground (holes, huts, tents and camouflage towers, decoys, callers and others)
  • Dogs for hunting
  • Return transfers between the airport and the hunting district
  • All transport in the hunting district

The price does not include:

  • Trophy Fees
  • Shipment of trophies home
  • Recording in full hd video and pictures of the hunts (extra costs)
  • Drinks, gratuities and everything else not mentioned under “the price includes”




Wild Boar


•The wild boar is one of the most widespread wild mammals in Romania. The wild boar is a large animal, with a body weight between 100 250 kg for boar sand between 50 175 kg for sows.•The conventional trophy of the wild boar is the fangs of both jaws (the fangs of the weapon and the sharpeners), and the unconventional trophies are the fangs of the sow, the fur prepared carpet or the tuft of hair from the mane worn on the hat. Romania's national record for wild boar fangs is 144.00 C.I.C.and was harvested in 1978 on the Ciornuleasa hunting ground in Calarasi county.

•We currently have 4 wild areas where we hunt wonderful trophies every year;





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02 februarie 2022