02 februarie 2022
Pheasant Hunt in Romania - South Dakota of Europe Most of the pheasants hunting in
02 februarie 2022
Wild boar (Sus scrofa T.) It is one of the widely popular hunting species with

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1000€+Trophy Fee
1000€+Trophy Fee


Its typical habitats are dense forests near rivers overgrown with thick grass and bushes, and the open areas near them, to about 400-500 m above sea level.They fly off noisily and clumsily, most often one by one. At first they gain a certain height, after which they fly rectilieneally.In Romania pheasants hunting is aided by dogs, by means of walking. Driven hunts are another method. There are hunting areas with a very good population of wild pheasants.


Pheasant Hunt in Romania - South Dakota of Europefloating hotel Danube riverDanube river


Our hunting area is located 120 kilometers from Bucharest on the Danube River. A 100% wild area where you can organize a beautiful pheasant hunt.

Accommodation and meals are provided on the 4-star floating hotel

Pheasant hunting season: from the 1st of October to the 28th of Feb

Hunting method: with the dog


We invite you with us to an unforgettable experience, discovering together South Dakota of Europe of Pheasant.



Pheasant Hunt in Romania - South Dakota of Europe

Most of the pheasants hunting in Romania is combine with partridge and european hare hunting as those birds usually share the same habitat. A normal day will start around 8 o'clock in the morning with a great breakfast. After a short drive of 20 minutes you will reach the pheasants hunting grounds.


02 februarie 2022

Pheasant Hunt Vlog

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