02 februarie 2022
Pheasant Hunt in Romania - South Dakota of Europe Most of the pheasants hunting in
02 februarie 2022
Wild boar (Sus scrofa T.) It is one of the widely popular hunting species with

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1000€+Trophy Fee
1000€+Trophy Fee

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A great hunting offer for wild boar hunting in Romania. You will be hunting in some of the most beautiful plain areas Europe has to offer. Stalking (only male) and high seat hunt can be organized all year round. Very nice males (200-350 kg) with nice tusks can be found on the area.

The hunting consists of both stalking and lying in wait.

If you really want to bag a really first class trophy boar, then Romania is the place to go.  

It is possible to hunt for wild boar in Romania all year round.

Wild boar hunting in romania



Wild boar (Sus scrofa T.)

It is one of the widely popular hunting species with the highest ecological plasticity in Romania. It is encountered from the alpine tundra down to the seaside, with remarkable densities in the beeachwoods, durmastwoods and oakwoods, but also in the plains, in the Danube Meadow and in the Danube Delta. Sensational battue hunting parties can be organised in such areas with large wild boar concentrations, with or without hunting dogs, and unique through outcome and momentousness. Spot and stalk hunting at dusk, with short hiding episodes and gorge hiding are rarer.

Such specimens frequently exceeding 200 kg in the case of boars – and sometimes even 300 kg –, with fangs longer than 22-25 cm, are those which made the Carpathian boars famous and which irresistibly attract passionate hunters. Consequently, the methods are chosen depending on the possibilities and on the preferences of the hunters.

The weapons allowed for wild boar hunting in Romania are either single-bullet smoothbore artillery or bullet artillery – starting with 6,5x57 calibre.

In Romania, the national record of 144 C.I.C. points has been standing since 1980, but such a hunting event is not at all excluded, because wild boars with fangs over 135 - 140 C.I.C points are often shot.

Hunting: it is a relatively long period, from August 1st to February 15th, with an optimal period spanning between October 15th and December 15th


02 februarie 2022

Wild Boar Hunt

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